What is DRIVE ?

véhicule intelligent et autonome ISAT DRIVE A.Cheziere véhicule intelligent et autonome ISAT DRIVE


ISAT hosts a research laboratory - DRIVE -  which groups 3/4 of the Lecturers and Professors of the school. The research projects cover the technological and scientific needs of the automobile and transportation systems and focus on two main applications :

  • energy optimisation and intelligent transport systems
  • mechanics of materials and structures.

The research topics relate to experimental as well as numerical simulations.

The research laboratory offers students the opportunity to pursue PhD studies in the laboratory or in an industrial context. The PhD studies include a minimum 3-year  financial support.

The DRIVE members are part of two research teams :

High-tech equipment is available for our students as well as for corporate partnerships:
Engine testing units, scanning electron microscope, dynamic traction machines, infrared camera, ultrasonic non destructive evaluation system, reverb chamber, numerical computation workstations, tri axes measuring systems, temperature controlled cells, anechoic cells, driving simulator…