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What is ISAT




The Institute of Automotive and Transport Engineering (ISAT) in Nevers (France) is a state-run school committed to the comprehensive training of engineers, with a particular interest in the automotive sector. Download our brochure in English !



Our programme is EUR-ACE accredited (European quality label for engineering degree programmes at Bachelor & Master level)



The main aim of ISAT is to cover the whole range of jobs and skills related to the automotive and transport industries, with a strong expertise in mechanical, electrical engineering and energetics from design to production: R &D, design & development, industrialisation, manufacturing, quality, purchasing, embedded electronics...)


Based on sound scientific and technological foundations, the training of our students during the 5-year programme (Master's Degree) is extended and strengthened by long periods of work experience and placements with various companies.


With the Formula-1-circuit "Magny-Cours" nearby, ISAT students are able to experience first-hand leading automotive technology that serves an educational purpose and also a recreational one.


ISAT is also committed to developing research within its  laboratories "DRIVE" research department in vehicle engineering for the environment (composite materials, vibration & acoustics, energy, embedded electronics), as well as in its centre for technology transfer : "Welience ", located on the Formula-1-circuit.


The facilities comprise a 11000 m2 campus with 5000 m2 for teaching and 3000 m2 dedicated to student life, computer labs (Office, CAD, and high-speed prototyping) and specific equipments: engine test beds, vibration/noise measuring chamber, multi-axis testing machines, scanning electronic microscope, vehicle dynamometer, National Instrument acquisition hardware & software, machining centre, CATIA workstation...




Fundamental Sciences: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, IT

Technology: Mechanical Design and Construction, Industrial Production Management

Automotive Mechanics and Energy: Vehicle Dynamics, Crash Simulation, Propulsion (Heat and Hybrid Engines)

Management and Company Life: Management, Human Resources, Law, Communication

Sports: 2 hours of sports each week

Languages: English is compulsory so as a  2nd language  (German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian)


Throughout his/her five years with ISAT, a student will carry out more than 12 months of work experience.


When does the semester start ? Do we have holidays ? What about the examination dates ? Please download our Academic Calendar !





The third semester of the Automotive Engineering for Sustainable Mobility Masters programme (October to December) is open to Erasmus students with the following courses (entirely taught in English) :


- critical systems and vehicular networks

- energy hybridation/storage

- engine components

- electrical powertrain

- alternative fuels and pollutant reduction

- conferences 

- French culture and language 






''My name is Alina Murariu and I am currently a Master Meeting programme student at ISAT. I came here from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest to do my second year of masters. After I got my engineering degree in aerospace structures, I decided I wanted to focus more on materials resistance and composite materials. The master I chose in Romania holds an Erasmus agreement with ISAT that offered me the chance to come here in my second year of studies and get a double diploma. I found it to be a great opportunity to experience another culture and also develop my French language skills. The thing that I like most about this programme is that it offers a great deal of hands-on, practical experience. During the second semester, I have been interning at ISAT laboratory (DRIVE) where I carry out research concerning assemblies of composite materials. I am in charge of all the experimental process: manufacturing the test pieces and the assemblies, testing the specimens in three-point and four-point bending and analyzing the results in order to determine the best solution. I really enjoy this opportunity and I think all the knowledge I acquired here will be of great use for a future job, hopefully in France.''



Learn more about the MEETING master's programme 








For Erasmus applications only please contact


In order to make you feel at home, please read our Welcome Guide . Here you will find useful information on practical matters : how to get to Nevers, housing, telephone, bank account, sports, tourism, etc. As regards the cost of living in Nevers, please read our



Housing is not very difficult to find in Nevers. There are two student residence halls at reasonable prices and many flats to rent. Please download our Housing Accommodation Form , fill it in electronically and send it back as an attachment to



How to enrol at ISAT ?


* outside an exchange programme: admission into 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th year according to the student's academic level ; all details available on our International recruitment page


* within an exchange programme please 1) register on line at the University of Burgundy and 2) download our Student Application Form and send it back to


All details available on the ISAT-info sheet for incoming students  


More information on exchange students...


More information on PhD students...


More information on visiting professors...


More information on double degree...


Check out for more information on France via, the official French portal !


For any further information, please contact :

Béatrice LAY
Director of International Relations
ISAT - University of Automotive and Transport Engineering
49 rue Mademoiselle Bourgeois
58000 Nevers

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