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International Master in Automobile in Europe

Automotive Engineering for Sustainable Mobility  

Embrace an automotive engineering career all over the world !   





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    M. Sc in Automotive Engineering for Sustainable Mobility (AESM) 

         Group - Master in Automotive Engineering for Sustainable Mobility 





Top  European automotive engineering  schools ISAT and Polytech'Orléans open their co-accredited  "Master in Automotive Engineering for Sustainable Mobility " focusing on Energy Management & Control and Vehicle Dynamics.  This international programme in Europe is accredited by the French Ministry of Research and Education.




This two-year automotive engineering program in EUROPE at master level  (3 semesters & 1 internship semester), entirely  taught in English in both European automotive engineering universities ISAT & Polytech'Orléans, aims at preparing future automotive student-engineers  for a professional career with a broad knowledge in automotive systems  adapted to the new trends (hybrid propulsion, electrical vehicle, bio-materials, alternative fuels, fleet management...) while offering specialisations central to the industry & research to meet these requirements.



Course description



  Two options are available this year : 


- Vehicle dynamics / intelligent vehicle

- Energy management & control for sustainable mobility  







Set up near the French  Nevers/Magny-Cours F1 circuit (2 hour drive from Paris), the student/future automotive engineer  will  work on innovative projects with the motorsport SMEs & major automotive manufacturing companies, consultant organisations as well as suppliers. Additionally, other career opportunities may be found as academic researchers in automotive engineering education  thanks to a close network of 4 Research Centres and 2 public-private research laboratories.



Located in a large and open campus, Polytech'Orléans (one hour drive from Paris)  is an engineering faculty and engineering school that provides an extensive range of courses at degree and postgraduate level in the areas of engineering and technology. Polytech'Orléans is thoroughly involved in automotive research topics such as new engine concepts, energy management, aerodynamics in partnership with leading car manufacturers and suppliers.

Associated research laboratories in automotive engineering


DRIVE laboratory at ISAT
DRIVE Energy Propulsion Electronics and Environment research group


PRISME laboratory at Polytech Orléans
PRISME Engine and Combustion research group    

PRISME External Aerodynamics research group    




Oustanding achievement is required in the applicants' First Degree, which must have equivalent to UK first class in either mechanical & electrical engineering, electronics engineering, computer science, physics and automotive engineering.


English proficiency: TOEIC 785  / (TOEFL IBT 80) / IELTS 6.5


French proficiency: not required as French as a foreign language is taught to all non-French speaking students.


Tuition fees: 11 500 euros for 4 semesters



Application Procedure 


Please download the  application form to be submitted to ISAT prior to June 7th, 2017.


The submission deadline is extended from May 3rd to June 7th, 2017. Please note that student housing may not be available during this extended application period and finding accommodation in Orléans will be your responsibility.


Please direct your questions and application to Professor Sidi-Mohammed SENOUCI and Professor Pascal HIGELIN


Erasmus students 


The third semester (October to December) is open to Erasmus students with the following courses (entirely taught in English) :


- critical systems and vehicular networks

- energy hybridation/storage

- engine components

- electrical powertrain

- alternative fuels and pollutant reduction

- conferences 

- French culture and language 


Academic requirements : registered at Master 2 level 


For Erasmus applications only please contact


Students at work

During semester 1 and 2 most the AESM courses include practical work on state of the art industrial and research equipment. The following videos where the AESM students explain their work have been taken during the Engine Control course:

•    Control lab - Synthesis of a throttle control
•    Engine test lab - Diesel engine NOx/particles tradeoff
•    Engine test lab - Optimization of spark timing and AFR



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