EPEE is one of the two groups of DRIVE laboratory.



FUSE-IT kickoff meeting held on 15-16 October, 2014, in AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE, Elancourt, France.

Welcome to EPEE Group

The EPEE group (Energ√©tique Propulsion Electronique et Environnement) team is one the two research groups of DRIVE Laboratory in the University of Burgundy. DRIVE is located in ISAT, Nevers, France.

Personal transportation is actually changing due to different constraints like global warming, resource limitations and the increase in road traffic. Sustainable transport (or green transport) refers to any means of transport with low impact on the environment and high energy efficiency.

This EPEE group is composed of two teams "energy" and "intelligent vehicle", conducts research to find new solutions in order to manage, and decrease the impact of motorized transport on the environment.

EPEE Group - DRIVE Labs

Energy, propulsion and sustainable mobility - Energy (Resp. Pr. Luis Le-Moyne)

Intelligent Vehicle (Resp. Sidi Mohammed Senouci) - Poster presentation